Audiobook Recording
We have professional audio facilities that can produce industry standard recordings for your audio book.  If you already have a recording but feel it is not to standard then our audio technician will be able to re-master it to an acceptable quality.

We also have access to a number of skilled voice actors. Some are bilingual, which can help broaden the market exposure of your book.

Audio Quality Sample

Audio Mastering
Have you ever noticed that your pre-recorded audiobook, podcast or video soundtrack has some or all of the following problems?

  • Uneven sound level
  • Not as loud and clear as the stuff you are used to hearing on professional broadcasts
  • Too much background noise
  • Sound distortion

That usually means your recording has not been ‘mastered’ for that broadcast, quality finish.

Furthermore, if you are submitting an audiobook to Amazon/Audible, it will need mastering to their requirements before they will publish it*.

We have up-to-date equipment and highly skilled engineers to deliver a service that will make your work a joy to listen to.

If you are interested in learning more about mastering, please follow the link here

* The audiobook usually takes about 10 days to go through their quality control (QC) checks and if it fails on even one specification, your book will not be published until it is corrected. We can master your audiobook to this standard so you don’t need to worry about these techy issues and this will increase your chance of it passing the QC check.

Audio Restoration and Enhancement
Audio material, old or new, can sound rubbish if it wasn’t recorded in the best environment or is on a format that Fred Flintstone used in his day.

As a listener, you will probably notice some of these problems:
  • Muffled sound
  • Crackling or rumble (usually from vinyl recordings)
  • Too much background noise (especially on outdoor recordings)
  • Tape hiss (if transferred from cassettes)
The list is endless!

We have worked in restoration for a long time and have the latest tech’ and level of experience to make your recording sound almost clean and perfect.

The Restoration Sample
Below, is a sample of an audiobook that was recorded for a public domain library.

main faults:
  • Too much room hiss
  • Some kind of electrical hum
  • A loud snap at around 0.15

We managed to reduce/remove  the faults and it now sounds much better.

Hope you like the result.